At Kona Grill we serve more than modern american grill favorites or sushi.  We are proud to offer over 60 lower calorie menu items.  We can also cater your favorite dish to your needs, removing sauces, having the dressing on the side or deleting an item.  Our servers and chefs are trained to accommodate your desires and can offer suggestions without sacrificing flavor.  We want you to have the Kona Grill experience without compromising your dietary needs and goals.


Concerned about allergens?  The menus on our local pages show nut/seed, shellfish and raw fish indications.


* Nutritional info for each dish takes all plated items into account.

Including sauces & sides.

made from


Not all ingredients are listed in the menu. Before placing your order, please contact the restaurant if a person in your party has a food allergy or other food sensitivities. Please be aware that kona grill is not a gluten-free environment. Our menu items are handcrafted in our kitchens, often times using shared equipment (including common fryers) and variations in vendor-supplied ingredients may occur.